About the ICC Project

The ICC Project’s mission is to implement ABA policies on international criminal justice, build greater understanding of the International Criminal Court, and to strengthen, regularize, and broaden U.S. engagement with the ICC.

About the ICC Project

Part of the Atrocity Crimes Initiative jointly supported by the American Bar Association (ABA)’s Criminal Justice Section and Center for Human Rights, the International Criminal Court Project implements longstanding ABA policies on international criminal justice. The ABA was among the voices that called for establishment of a permanent international tribunal by multilateral treaty – what later became the Rome Statute that established the International Criminal Court (ICC) – and did so starting in 1978. The ABA participated in the negotiations of the Rome Statute as an observer, advocated for the treaty’s adoption, and urged the United States to become a State Party. Most recently, the ABA urged the US government to forge greater support for, and engagement with, the ICC.

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As the largest voluntary association of lawyers in the world and a respected voice among diverse stakeholders, the ABA is well-positioned to raise awareness in the US about the crucial mandate of the ICC to investigate and prosecute the international atrocity crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, and to support the Court’s legal activities. The ICC Project provides such support through:


Through its interactive website, the ICC Project seeks to expand public understanding of the ICC and its jurisdiction, judicial process, constituent organs, State Parties, and US-ICC relations. The website also features International Criminal Justice Today, an online periodical with IPSOS market research polling data and up-to-date developments in the field and includes Arguendo, a regular roundtable forum where distinguished experts from different fields discuss and debate the most pressing international criminal justice issues. The ICC Project also convenes educational events throughout the year.


Engaging with the American people, legal profession, and policymakers on the ICC and its vital role in helping protect human rights, establish the rule of law globally, and foster durable peace, thereby engendering broad-based familiarity with the ICC and enhancing US-ICC relations.

Convening high-level briefings on the ICC before the US legislative and executive branches, offering ICC education courses for American lawyers, providing assistance to ABA members advocating for greater US support for the ICC’s mandate, and establishing dialogues between US, ICC, and other key stakeholders.

When requested by the ICC to help augment internal efforts, the ICC Project organizes practitioner engagements, forums for exchanges of legal expertise between ICC judges and lawyers and their international counterparts, and continuing legal education initiatives.

The ABA is a member of the International Criminal Justice Consortium, an independent and non-partisan alliance of specialized and diverse organizations, representing a broad range of regions and legal traditions, which formed with the purpose to help support the ICC and national jurisdictions with their international criminal justice mandate and do so through capacity-building activities.


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